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David R. Franklin began his law practice in Montreal, in 1960, initially focusing on debt collection claims in Quebec, Canada. Over the next decades, David expanded his practice into the realm of international private law, with a particular focus on creditors' rights.


Over the course of his illustrious career, David and his team cultivated a deep global network of resourceful, reliable, professional partners, to assist him in recovering his clients' commercial debts.


Today, with professional partners in almost every city in the world, and a largely unrivalled success rate, David Franklin is seen as an industry-leader and pioneer in the field of international debt collections.

A member of the Quebec Bar since 2003, Kevin has practiced commercial and contractual law for over fifteen years at reputed national and provincial law firms, before opening up his own boutique contractual law firm in the fall of 2019. 


When David met Kevin in  2020, a strong professional and personal relationship was born and a new chapter of the firm began. And, on February 1, 2021, after a career spanning more than six decades, David decided to wind down his practice and passed on the torch to  Kevin, who merged it into his current law firm.  

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