With new leadership and an invigorated team, our Canadian Claims Division can recover your unpaid receivables, from one ocean to the other; even in the most remote corners of the land.


Meanwhile, over the past several decades, our International Claims Division has developed and cultivated an unrivalled network of professional partners, operating in almost every major city on earth. These relationships rest upon a foundation of integrity, trust and proven track record. 


Wherever your claim is, you can be confident that your commercial debt collection mandate will be handled with diligence and care, in accordance with the laws, customs and best practices in whatever jurisdiction the debt is owed, with the added benefit of cost predictability, since we work on a strictly contingent-fee basis (no out-of-pocket costs, expenses or fees are incurred) for all our pre-litigation efforts. And, if those efforts don't work, and further action is required, we will remain in lockstep with you; offering guidance and counsel throughout the process and never incurring any costs or fees, without your prior approval.  

So, even after all other efforts have been exhausted without fruition, don't hesitate to give our team a shot at collecting your unpaid receivable.


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